The test-adapter is for the ATB PC DEMO program.
It is connected from the soundcard LINE out to the MIC input for the system-correction


Measurement microphone

The measurement microphone is for the soundcard MIC input. The frequency range is 20Hz to 20kHz. The frequency curve has a little rise from max. +3dB at 15kHz. So there is no need for a calibration file.

The microphone looks like a multimedia microphone but has the best measurement capsule.

Acceleration Sensor

The acceleration sensor is used to measure vibrations on speaker casings, car body’s or machine parts. A acceleration measures the actual substance vibrations only and not the air sound waves. During the measurement the vibrations are transmitted to the sensor casing. In the casing there is an elektret foil, whose mass works against that of the casing. Thus creating a voltage that relates to the casing vibration.



The sensors are not gauged, the shown amplitudes are not  defined values. The measurable frequency range is 30Hz – 3KHz. The sensor shows the frequency of the vibration and by comparing you can suppress the vibrations by choice.


The sensor is fixed to the measurement object with two sided sticky tape.


The sensor is connected to the microphone input of the soundcard. Here the sensitivity has to be increased by turning on the Mic- boost or microphone amplifier in the system control.

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